credit: Jack Wiegmann

Sonoda - Half-Life

Sonoda (so-NO-duh) is a meditative pop ensemble based in Los Angeles, CA. The quartet approaches live music and dream pop with a delicate, spiritual, and therapeutic perspective. A gentle glow of crystals, salt lamps, and flowers adorn the stage as the band creates a welcoming wash of ambience— conducted by warbly guitars and oscillating synths. Each performance opens and closes with a soothing ‘Ohm’ sung by front woman Lisa Sonoda, who resounds deeply on stage with her tingshas, chimes and singing bowl. It is in this dream world where Sonoda’s lullaby-pop sensibility conjures the auras of influences like Broadcast, Beach House, and Angel Olsen. Despite these influences, Sonoda offers a whole new take on music and dream pop, instead bringing us a collective deep breath— a refreshment, a renewal: Meditative pop.
Sonoda started as Lisa’s solo project with Clearing (Never Anything Records, 2017) until she expanded on the songs and live performance with Adrian Garcia. Soon the duo evolved into a 5-7 pc group, and together they recorded their first full-band album, Karaoke Life (Never Content, 2018). Since then they compacted down to the current lineup with Eddie Ramos and Jacob Maag.

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Genre: Pop
Subgenre: Dream Pop
From: Los Angeles, CA