Nico LaOnda

Nico LaOnda

credit: Enrico Brunetti

Nico LaOnda - Fratello gemma

Brooklyn’s Nico LaOnda is the new musical outfit of Italian-born New York-based eclectic artist Nicola Donà. While some acts are able to evolve and reshape under the same moniker, Nico catalogues each iteration of his art under different band names, creating multiple chapters within the same story. (Juxtabrunch, The Calorifer is Very Hot!, Horrible Present, Dizzyride and more). Nico LaOnda's debut album Tutto Bene, out August 29th via Italian record label La Valigetta, is one that seamlessly blends off-kilter 80s aesthetics with shimmering 50s and 60s nostalgic beat, taking the listener through a technicolor soundscape of “It-pop” and sun-infused disco. After the release of his first single "Casco Ribelle" in May, Nico LaOnda played some of the most important Italian festivals and events (Mi Ami festival, Handmade Fest, Apollo, Dalla Cira) with his band for the summer tour “Stasera Debutto”. Having recently released his second single, "Fratello Gemma", to much critical acclaim back in Italy, Nico and his band are looking forward to the album’s full release and all the audiovisual live sets that will follow in suit across North America and beyond.

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Genre: Pop
Subgenre: Disco
From: New York, NY