Biznaga - No Lugar

Biznaga appeared during 2012 and ... don't you really know them? I'm sorry, I feel a bit sorry about you, because it means that you should have been in a coma or something. That is why I am not going to insult you, but I do recommend that you go back to your life in the 2014, when they released their first long album, "Céntro Dramático Nacional", an exercise of accelerated and electrified folklore ash, which slipped into the top positions of the lists. After that, while you were sleeping, they toured all along that state of mind called Spain. Then, 2107 arrived and they got signed to an American label, which always gives more profile,  repeated the move:  got to play for bigger audiences and went overseas. Now is almost 2k20. If you are reading this, means you have left the comma, Congratulations! You must be confused, everything happened very fast. The world has changed. People do weird things, like carrying the fanny pack as a shoulder bag, or writing 2k20 instead of 2020. Do not be afraid. Do not be sad. Just stay tuned to the Big Screen and you'll understand everything.

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