Nicolás Molina

Nicolás Molina - ¿Qué Pasó?

Is a uruguayan songwriter who was borned in Castillos a little town next to Brazil frontier, in a native woods & palms enviorment and desolated seasides villages.

His two firsts albums, El Desencanto (2014) and El Folk de la Frontera(2016), were signed under the name of Molina y los Cósmicos. Both albums opened him doors in differents festivals and allowed him to presentate en Argentina, Brazil, USA, México y Uruguay.

In 2016 some american media like KEXP (where he did a live "Full Performance" ) standed out him as one of the latinamerican artists of the year. Also Billboard put him between the "10 Latin Artists to See", in the context of his performance in SXSW 2016.

After winning two "Premios Graffiti" in 2017 (Best Indie album & songwriter of the year), Molina starts to work in a new album. One of its songs, "Qué pasó?", won the "Premio Nacional de Musica" (MEC) in the first place, in the Rock, pop and trend category.

In 2019, he edits "Querencia", an album that was home-recorded by him and it was mixed in Tucson (Arizona) by Craig Schumacher. For 2020, Querencia will be live showed in differents formats, to make it possible to be shown in more stages around the world.

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Castillos, URUGUAY
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