Corky Quakenbush

Founder & Chief Instructor

Corky Quakenbush is an Aikido Sensei and life coach with over thirty years of training. Since 2004, Corky has been teaching his non-violent communication modality “Aiki-Lab” in seminars and workshops all over the world.

Along with his Aikido practice, Corky Quakenbush works in the entertainment field as a TV, web, and film producer/writer/director specializing in comedy and stop-motion animation. His films have shown on major broadcast and cable networks, theaters, prestigious international film festivals (holding the record number of nine films screened in competition at the Sundance Film Festival) and at world-class museums such as the Guggenheim. Additionally, Quakebush is an accomplished fine arts ceramicist.

Corky‘s film-making and “spiritual roots” combined with science when he was hired in his twenties as a filmmaker on TV science documentary shows such as NOVA and the popular Cosmos series featuring Carl Sagan. The work allowed Corky to travel and meet with many of the world’s great thinkers, scientists and spiritual teachers.

An informal tutelage by John C. Lilly, as well as inspiration by such luminaries as Joan Halifax, R.D. Laing, Francis Huxley and Rupert Sheldrake, fueled deeper spiritual inquiry. Sensei Corky’s exploration of physics and the study of somatics continues today with his practice of Aki-Lab.

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