Anjali Rimi

Aravani Art Project

Rimi is a proud woman from India. Born in Hyderabad, blossomed in Toronto and living in Oakland, she is proud to navigate her gender journey with confidence and realness. A beautiful example of the potential that arises from the intersectionality of ethnic diversity and gender identity, Rimi has performed at various South Asian queer events, sharing dance and poetry that depicts the struggles and ultimate liberation of her gender journey, her survival and transcendence of rejection, isolation and stress. Rimi currently works in a leadership role at an e-commerce firm and leads the company PRIDE Associate Resource Group, supporting workplace inclusion for transpeople. Rimi's goal is for the world to accept trans-identified people as equals and capable individuals of holding jobs, degrees, and relationships, and deserving of a dignified life. She is an associated artist and ally of Aravani Art Project, a group of transgender artists and allies based in Bangalore, India. The Project’s mission is to foster creative connections between members of the transgender community and other communities globally, with the aim of reducing the discrimination, stigma, and systemic inequality faced by transgender people in many parts of the world. A central goal of the Project's artistic interventions in public spaces is to increase visibility, social participation, and transparency around inclusivity, and to provide a platform to those who might otherwise be afraid to speak out and express their true identities and beliefs.

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