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Deepika "Dee" Choudhary

Managing Director
ReThink Media

Deepika Choudhary is the Managing Director of the Peace and Security Collaborative. In this role, she joins a powerhouse team of ReThink professionals advocating for a more constructive, sane, and just US foreign and national security policy—one that would prevent a nuclear catastrophe, end America’s ongoing wars, and shape a new kind of US foreign relations.

Dee is determined to change how expert communities interact with the public and shape perceptions of US foreign policy. Sitting at the nexus of traditional and digital media, politics, and national security issues, she creates innovative strategies to illustrate how US actions abroad reverberate with all of us here at home. Whether building the media profiles of experts (especially those who happen to be women and women of color) or flagging emerging trends for veteran reporters, Dee sees advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in the national security space as a personal mission.

She is currently an NSquare Innovation Fellow, working with a vibrant cross-sector group of technologists, game designers, policy experts, diplomats, and Hollywood filmmakers to tackle nuclear challenges in new ways.

After graduating from Marymount University, Dee worked with the Center for International Policy on their Win Without War and Arms & Security programs tracking developments on the Iran nuclear deal, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and increases in Pentagon spending to support advocates on the Hill and grassroots activists on the ground. She joined ReThink in 2015.

Dee is an absolute sucker for Hindi music, especially the old stuff. A binge-watcher before binge-watching was a thing, lover of true crime (hi fellow Murderinos!), and target audience for cheesy escapist fiction, you can find her lugging around branches for her giant dog Tiger.

[Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.]

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.

Events featuring Deepika "Dee" Choudhary
Events featuring Deepika "Dee" Choudhary