Matt Rivitz

Sleeping Giants

Matt Rivitz is the founder of Sleeping Giants, a crowd-sourced campaign for media and advertiser responsibility. Started in late 2016 as a result of the intense bigotry cropping up in media and social media, Sleeping Giants asks advertisers not to support media sources with records of pushing hate and sexism and social media companies to take more responsibility for the racism, misogyny and harassment on their platforms.

As a result of the Sleeping Giants campaign, over 4,250 advertisers have decided to leave Breitbart News, Bill O'Reilly lost nearly all of his sponsors following revelations of massive sexual harassment settlements and nearly every social network finally enforced their Terms of Service on Sandy Hook-denier Alex Jones among many other outcomes.

This year, Sleeping Giants will be working more closely with marketers to help them navigate the complex world of media to help them avoid supporting messages that don't align with their brands.

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