Gulay Ozkan

GEDS, Design Consultancy

A Model in Designing for the Future

Technology is today's double-edged sword. Its scalability is its source of power and economic attractiveness, but also, in case of a failure, its venom. Therefore, integrating it into the contexts of societies and living-beings carefully is now critical for both financial and societal reasons and will be even more critical in the future. Achieving this integration requires an understanding of the contextual problems and needs of people and involving them in different stages of technology development. However, this is easier said than done. Who, when, and how to involve are the main challenges. This talk discusses how these challenges can be tackled with examples from projects in Europe, including Maturolife, an EU H2020 funded design-driven nanotechnology project that takes place in 9 EU countries, where specialists of design, ethics, and technology came together to develop nanotechnology products for the older people.

Gulay Ozkan

Gulay Ozkan is an award-winning entrepreneur. Her design and innovation consultancy GEDS helps companies create human-centric solutions that are well-connected with human behavior, needs, and desires. To name but a few of her accolades, Gulay has been an advisor at the Boston-based Design Management Institute, a member of the Design for Europe Expert Panel and listed in the EU’s Global Board Women Ready project.

Her work around humanizing tech earned her a place on Singularity University’s GSP13 programme at NASA Ames Research Park in Silicon Valley.

She was named curator of Harvard Business Review Turkey’s first Design Thinking conference in Istanbul and design coordinator of Maturolife, an EU funded H2020 design-centric nanotechnology project that takes place in 9 EU countries. | @gulayozkan | youtube/gulayozkan

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