Joncier Rienecker


Born a pineapple, bred an apple and now a peach, Joncier Rienecker has
undertaken a role requiring her diverse experience to place music creators on
the map. As Manager, Entertainment Relations at TuneCore – the premier
digital music distribution company with one of the largest music catalogues in
the world – Joncier is responsible for directing daily operations for the
company in the Atlanta market. Appointed to represent TuneCore and serve
the southeast region, Joncier is accountable for establishing and nurturing
client relations, which is befitting of her down-to-earth and funny personality.

The TuneCore artist community ranges from indie to high-profile artists. “I fell
in love with TuneCore because of its fantastic model and philosophy: all
artists, from emerging to established, should have affordable and equal
access to all channels of music distribution,” says Joncier. Having an
insatiable palate for helping others, Joncier dedicates a significant part of her
daily efforts to educating the music community on TuneCore’s services.
“TuneCore truly helps artists to make a living, living their dreams. I’m honored
to be a part of a team which prides itself on putting artists first.”

Joncier attended Ithaca College, obtaining her undergraduate degree in
Creative Writing and Journalism. While earning her Bachelor of Arts, her taste
grew for pursuing a career in the music business. Her appetite began with
Radio Broadcasting and she worked as On-Air Talent for the institution’s
station, 92 WICB-FM. By the time she graduated, she has ascended to the
position of Urban Director for the station. After graduation, she held on-air
positions for a few Internet radio stations in New York City, before working for
ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). She
began as Receptionist for the Membership Department in 2007, where she
put her writing skills to use, eventually becoming editor of online/print content
for the Rhythm & Soul Department. In 2010, she was promoted to
Membership Representative for the Rhythm & Soul Department, servicing
members within the southeast U.S. region. In 2015, Joncier was promoted
again to Associate Director for the Rhythm & Soul Department and was
tasked with overseeing the Gospel division – a special responsibility given due
to her personal attention on the market. Following a successful 9-year tenure
at ASCAP, in 2016, Joncier transitioned to TuneCore.

Having surpassed the 10-year mark in her career, Joncier has seen some
significant shifts in the music industry, a major one being the launch of
TuneCore. “I believe TuneCore is a force in the digital music landscape.
Everyday, I look forward to helping as many artists as I can to have their
music heard and to garner financial success,” she says. As an avid music
lover and customer care savant, Joncier is surely on a fruitful path to fulfilling
that goal.

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