Greg Street

Lead Game Designer, League of Legends
Riot Games

Greg Street has been designing video games for 20 years. He currently leads creative development at Riot Games. Prior to that, he was the lead designer on League of Legends, one of the largest PC games played around the world. Before moving to Riot, he was Lead Systems Designer on Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft, where he oversaw design for the MMO’s classes, items, combat mechanics, encounters, economy, PvP, as well as many of the game’s core features. His first job in the game industry was on the Age of Empires Series at Ensemble Studios/Microsoft, where he started as a junior designer and rose through the ranks to lead, while contributing to unit and civilization design, screenwriting, game balance and random maps. Greg is passionate about talking to players, answering their questions about the games he has contributed to and providing advice on joining the game industry. Before entering the game industry, he was an oceanographer specializing in crustacean ecology.

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