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James Adomian


James Adomian is a comedian from California, but his impact can truly be considered global or even cosmic. As a voiceover artist he has appeared on a hundred cartoons and a thousand podcasts. As an on-camera (i.e. "real") actor, he has enjoyed some amusing failures and tolerated a few partial successes across television, cinema, and the world wide web. James is one of those performers who plays "deep characters" so people often do not connect that he was "that guy" whom they loved so much from some particular thing. On the stage he is a living god, an incarnation of Dionysus, meaning he is often drunk and largely available for bookings. He has been to Armenia twice but still can't seem to convince anyone that he is Armenian. James is a proud Aquarius, and he is very, very Aquarian to the point where you would think he's doing a bit when you meet him.

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Events featuring James Adomian
Events featuring James Adomian