Jackie Johnson

Natch Beaut

A Southern belle from Dallas, Texas, Jackie has been a comedienne and performer since she entered this world. She has a booming, deep voice that won many beauty pageants in the singing category, but also got her scolded by every teacher she's ever had. She can't help it that her voice carries!
Jackie has played tiny but memorable roles in TV, Film, and commericals, and is a main stage performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. You can currently hear Jackie ranting and raving on her hit podcast, Natch Beaut- all about makeup, skincare, and self care but with a comedic twist. She will be recording an episode LIVE at SXSW and wait til you hear who her guest is! (It's Rachel Bloom!)
Jackie is also passionate about the environment, is vegan, and shames her friends when they drink out of single-use plastic bottles.

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