Sex is Weird

Sex is Weird

A boy and a girl sit in awkward silence at a coffee shop. He breaks the tension with "I googled it." Her confusion prompts rambling justification: he googled how to be good at sex because he wants her to get the most out of their first time as possible. Touched by his awkward sincerity, she asks if he is a virgin and he says yes. Upon confirmation, she opens up about a scarring past sexual experience, asserting that she doesn't feel ready to introduce sex to their relationship. The boy realizes how vulnerable she has made herself, and reassures her their relationship means much more than just sex. If she's uncomfortable with it, sex can wait. Both agree that sex is weird, relieved at last.

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Michael Payton


Director: Michael Payton
Executive Producer: Brent Morton
Producer: Michael Payton
Screenwriter: Michael Payton
Cinematographer: Jessica Nguyen
Editor: Michael Payton
Sound Designer: Michael Payton
Music: Benjamin Goldberg
Principal Cast: Julia Butcher, Michael Payton
Additional Credits: Camera Operator: Jessica Basurto, Jessica Nguyen, Boom Operator: Thanh Huynh, Zsa Zsa Harrison


Michael Payton
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Michael Payton
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Michael Payton
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Year: 2018
Genre: Romance
Screening Format: Texas High School
Country: ["United States"]
Language: English
Runtime: 05:35 mins