Border Stories

Border Stories

Border Stories puts people along the US-Mexico border including the National Butterfly Center to experience real stories of the people affected by the border wall and then make their own volumetric pieces online using Emblematic Group's webVR platform REACH. REACH makes the immersive power of volumetric VR available to anyone. A simple drag-and-drop interface lets users place real people into high-res 3D environments, and then share the results online across multiple platforms. Created in coordination with the Texas Civil Rights Project, Border Stories explores the ongoing fight against the border wall and the pending impact to hundreds of landowners situated along the Rio Grande.

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Nonny de la Peña


Director: Nonny de la Peña
Additional Credits: Lead Artists: Nonny de la Peña, Chaitanya Shah, Hannah Eaves, Cedric Gamelin, Key Collaborators: James Pallot,Charles Park, Sandra Persing, Roshail Tarar, Jonathan Yomayuza, Meghan McWilliams, Director: Nonny de la Peña, Technical Artist: Chaitanya Shah, Technical Director: Hannah Eaves, Designers: Hannah Eaves, Monica Olivera, Mac Baker, Development Producer: James Pallot, Executive Producer: Cedric Gamelin, Lead Engineers: Chaitanya Shah, Roshail Tarar, Reinforcements, Yoni Binstock, Additional Production: Jonathan Yomayuza, Charles Park, Meghan McWilliams, Daniel Brower, William Olmstead, Kevin Tsukii, Sam Given


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Santa Monica
Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband

Premiere Status: World Premiere
Genre: Experimental
Screening in: Virtual Cinema Program
Screening Section: Virtual Cinema Competition
Screening Category: Virtual Reality
Language: English
Runtime: 05:00 mins