Chronicle of a Vanished City

José Joaquín Jiménez “Ximénez” (1915 - 1946), was one of the pioneers of the so-called “red chronic” in Colombia. His texts were distributed through different newspapers during the thirties and forties, portraying a Bogotá that did not reach 500,000 inhabitants. His chronicles full of details, describe the life of the streets, showing common stories, tragic and romantic events that reveal the beat of that vanished city. This project aims to tribute his work and Bogota of that time.

For two years we carried out an extensive process of research and classification of his texts, then we chose extracts from seven chronicles that we found interesting to explore in a virtual environment.

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Jorge Caballero



Director: Jorge Caballero
Executive Producer: Gustavo León
Producer: Jorge Caballero
Screenwriter: Jorge Caballero, Anna Giralt
Editor: Pau Artigas
Sound Designer: Alejandro Gallón
Music: Alejandro Gallón
Principal Cast: José Joaquín Jiménez "Ximénez"


Gustavo León
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Gustavo León
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Gustavo León
+1 (310) 666-4277
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Year: 2019
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Genre: Documentary, Experimental
Screening in: Virtual Cinema Program
Screening Section: Virtual Cinema Competition
Screening Category: Virtual Reality
Country: Colombia
Language: English
Runtime: 10:00 mins