Diorama No.4 : Die Fernweh Oper

In Die Fernweh Oper you will visit a perpetual opera performed by a star in the form of a 50 ft tall opera singer named Asteria, who sings especially for you and about your foolish love for her. Just as with the stars you see at night, she has already died light years ago and what you see of her is her last light that reaches your eyes.

Die Fernweh Oper consists of three scenes. Scene 1 will allow you to listen to Asteria sing for you. In scene 2 you will visit Asteria's abandoned dressing room in which small porcelain statues will sing a chorale for you. In scene 3 you will visit the the custodian whose job it is to replace the stars who have died, among which is Asteria.

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.

Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.


Daniel Ernst



Director: Daniel Ernst
Executive Producer: Daniel Ernst
Producer: Daniel Ernst
Screenwriter: Maud Vanhauwaert (she has written the lyrics to the song performed in this VR experience)
Cinematographer: Daniel Ernst
Editor: Daniel Ernst
Production Designer: Daniel Ernst
Sound Designer: Armeno Alberts, Max Sombroek
Music: Misha Velthuis, Naren Chandarvarkar
Principal Cast: Annina Gieré - Vocal Performance, Performance Capture, Choreography
Additional Credits: Libretto Graphic Design: Roos Laan, Installation Construction: Catinka Kersten, Additional Art: Bart Limburg, David van Dijk, Programming: Daniel Ernst


Daniel Ernst
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Daniel Ernst
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Daniel Ernst
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Daniel Ernst
Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband

Year: 2019
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Genre: Experimental
Screening in: Virtual Cinema Program
Screening Section: Virtual Cinema Competition
Screening Category: Virtual Reality
Country: Belgium, India, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Language: German
Runtime: 10:00 mins