Gaz Coombes - 'Walk the Walk'

Gaz Coombes - 'Walk the Walk'

Former Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes released his latest solo record, "World's Strongest Man", in 2018. In this video for "Walk the Walk," a poker game goes wrong in a series of video collages inspired by David Hockney's "joiners." Hockney combined photographs from different vantage points to compress space and stories into singular compositions. "Walk the Walk" extends the technique to video, telling a story through a series of video collages that play with the flow of space and time.

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Najeeb Tarazi


Director: Najeeb Tarazi
Principal Cast: Amechi Okocha, Thomas Wilhoit, Leah Rudick, Ricky Rojas
Additional Credits: Director of Photography: Boyd Hobbs, Production Designer: Lauren Meyer, Colorist: Kristopher Smale


Publicity Contact
Najeeb Tarazi
Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Interactive Badge, Film Festival Wristband

Year: 2018
Genre: Rock
Screening in: Music Video Program
Screening Section: Music Video Competition
Screening Category: Music Video
Country: ["United States"]
Runtime: 03:56 mins