Designing for Self Driving: A New Kind of Ride

Designing for Self Driving: A New Kind of Ride
Recording: Designing for Self Driving: A New Kind of Ride, Mar 13, 2019


Ryan Powell


Over the last 100 years, cars have gotten faster and smarter. But, the way people use them hasn't fundamentally changed... until now.

Today, self driving cars are more than a moonshot, they're a reality. And turning this technology into a service that people can use in their daily lives requires a whole new set of considerations. Consider the design challenges at hand when you have a virtual driver, and a vacant driver's seat: How do riders indicate they're ready for their trip to start? How should the car communicate what it's seeing, doing and what route it plans to take to inform and assure riders experiencing the technology for the first time? And down the line, how might we design cars differently when you don’t have to consider a human driver?

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