Solving the Food Desert Dilemma

Recording: Solving the Food Desert Dilemma, Mar 11, 2019


Olympia Auset


Sam Oches

Food News Media

Sam Polk


There's a problem in America's low-income neighborhoods: Residents have no access to affordable wholesome foods. Indeed, a recent study from economists at NYU, Stanford, and the University of Chicago found that 55 percent of all U.S. ZIP codes with a median income below $25,000 are what's called "food deserts" -- neighborhoods where the only meal options are high-calorie, processed foods. But now some social entrepreneurs are finding ways to combat the food-desert dilemma through creative pricing strategies and educational programs that empower residents of these communities to make more wholesome food decisions. Find out how these food entrepreneurs are bringing change to local food deserts -- and how they can serve as a model to greater food change across the U.S.

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