CANCELED If Content is King, We Need a Revolution

The content industry invented screen addiction and monetised hatred. Without a new model of success, we’ll have (more) blood on our hands. We measure volume instead of value and trick our audiences into engaging with meaningless messages. We inflame audiences to counter content apathy. Because hate-likes are better than no likes. We monetise hatred and give a voice to dehumanising opinion masquerading as fact. As our audiences wise up, we use new tech to make truth indistinguishable from lies. This is our fault and we must take responsibility. While most (probably) don’t write for InfoWars, we do perpetuate the system. A better content industry is built on less content and new metrics of measurement. It’s built on fact checking and a new model of responsibility for distribution.

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Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Interactive Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Film Badge
Format: Solo
Event Type: Session
Level: Advanced