A Smart Aging Love Story for All Ages

A Smart Aging Love Story for All Ages
Recording: A Smart Aging Love Story for All Ages, Mar 11, 2019


Kim Bond Evans


Wen Dombrowski


Trice Johnson


Bots, wearables, robots and IoT and I have become a thing. Over the years anytime I would show any symptom of aging, my daughter would jokingly threatened to commit me to Shady Hills (her generic name for nursing homes). As I age and hear it more often combined with a distant memory of her standing in our living room at age 11 saying when you're gone, this will be all mine, I decided to do what any panicked aging parent would do, spend my daughters inheritance on a start-up delivering an AI/ML smart aging companion app fully equipment with bots, robots, wearables and IoT required for me and people like me to age at home and say "Hell no! To Shady Hills I will not go"! AI/ML, wearables, IoT aging experts and consumers will join me on the panel to discuss smart aging lifestyles and options.

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