Twice as Nice: How to Make Happiness Stick

Twice as Nice: How to Make Happiness Stick
Recording: Twice as Nice: How to Make Happiness Stick, Mar 12, 2019


You’ve chosen happiness. Now what? As the science of tying together real-world relationships, happiness and health gains credence and a global platform, a new challenge is rising on the backs of ever-evolving technology, cultural shifts, and political polarization. How do we make happiness more than a cup of coffee with a friend or shared smile with a stranger? How do we make it actually stick into our daily routines as we seek to build both interpersonal and global connectedness? As it turns out, choosing to be happy is just half the battle. Pulling ourselves and others up from the spiral of loneliness is just a good start. Put down your cells phones and come listen for an hour, you might just hear something that will stick.

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