From Dust to Dinos...and Back Again!

Recording: From Dust to Dinos...and Back Again!, Mar 11, 2019

The universe is full of cataclysmic processes, including the creation and destruction of planets. Is it possible that in many cases planets are formed, life gets comfy cozy on them, and then WHAM! they get smashed to smithereens? Of course, this might not be as detrimental to the organisms on those planets or moons as one might guess. Astrobiologists, geologists, and astrophysicists are all thinking through this complication in planet evolution, trying to reconcile them with the idea of panspermia, evidence of the Cambrian explosion, and the menagerie of exoplanets we see in our Galaxy. Our panel of scientists are trying to answer these questions with computer simulations, lab experiments, and space telescopes. We’ll discuss challenges and future of the field.

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