Improving Underserved Communities Meet Up


Rico Rendon


Willie Ross


We have all heard of the term, "the hood,” some of us lived it and some of us have only seen it from afar. Regardless if the hood is in a rural area or inner-city, how can we transform these places into thriving communities (without gentrification)?
One of America’s biggest dilemmas comes to SXSW. This issue needs to be analyzed from different angles & diverse perspectives so that fresh solution-based ideas can sprout.
From our last Sx session we’ve seen; Trap Kitchens through Social Media engines, Worker Cooperatives with a twist of Agile/Blockchain Technology, Bloc Parties rocking Solar Ovens & Cool Cups.
Resolving 20th century problems with 21st century answers.
It takes a village to raise the bar. We are the village & the bar is the way we live as a people.

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