Behind the Intelligence: Active and Passive AI

Recording: Behind the Intelligence: Active and Passive AI, Mar 11, 2019


While the industry is abuzz talking about the rise of artificial intelligence, the technology itself is not new – A.I. has been all around us for a number of years now, but it wasn’t labelled as such. From automating analytics to shortening the process of online discovery, we’ve been interacting with A.I. without even knowing it. As such, the labelling of A.I. is simply not accurate enough.
In this panel conversation, experts in A.I. will dive one layer deeper into the technology in order to differentiate between the two primary types in our lives – Passive A.I. and Active A.I. They will discuss the increased role of both in our everyday lives, and will explore the opportunities A.I. can create and the possible outcomes that will radically change the ways we interact with technology.

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