Getting a Good Return on Our Health Investments

Getting a Good Return on Our Health Investments
Recording: Getting a Good Return on Our Health Investments, Mar 10, 2019

If your financial portfolio continually yielded negative returns, you’d probably re-evaluate your options. This is what’s happening in our health system, but we’ve yet to change our approach. Spending more of the U.S.’s GDP on health care than any other country has not returned longer life expectancies or lower incidences of disease. We can upend this dynamic by investing in the circumstances at the root of many of society’s chronic health issues – lack of opportunities for meaningful employment, access to vibrant neighborhoods, food security, stable housing, high-quality education.
A panel of experts evaluating interventions designed to improve these conditions will discuss how we can apply what they’re learning to change the paradigm about what we expect from our investments in health.

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