When the Internet Turns Violent and Abusive

Recording: When the Internet Turns Violent and Abusive, Mar 9, 2019

Online crime can deprive us of more than our money. Perpetrators of cyberstalking, sextortion/non-consensual porn, and "doxing" (or maliciously publishing a victim’s private or personal information) coerce their victims, invade their privacy, and destroy their victims' lives. Targets of "SWATting," which involves placing a fake emergency call so armed police are dispatched to a target’s residence, can even be put in mortal danger. These violent and abusive Internet crimes have targeted celebrities, social media personalities, and politicians, but anyone can become a victim. Come hear the perspectives of a victim advocate, federal prosecutor, and scholar on the challenges of combatting these crimes; what can be done to avoid becoming a victim; and the types of help a victim can receive.

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