Let AI Hear What's Going On: Machine Listening

Let AI Hear What's Going On: Machine Listening


Yoonchang Han


Speech recognition is one of the most popular AI technologies because it makes humans to communicate with machines more naturally. However, audio contains much more information than that. There are millions of sounds we hear every day such as footstep, coughing, dog barking, and music, and making sense of any sound we hear every day is called machine listening. Current AI systems can't understand what's going on around them, but this emerging sound cognition technology can make them understand the context to provide appropriate service on time, also open up new possibilities for creative applications. In this session, he will introduce the concept of machine listening and what kind of new services, user experience, and musical/artistic expression can be made based on this technology.

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Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Interactive Badge
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Format: Solo
Event Type: Session
Level: Intermediate