The End of Killing

The End of Killing
Recording: The End of Killing, Mar 8, 2019


What if killing wasn’t a moral or psychological problem—but a tech problem? What if the right tech could make killing a thing of the past? That’s the provocative thesis at the heart of Rick Smith’s new book, The End of Killing. In this session, he’ll dive into the technological developments that will make killing outdated. He’ll show that this isn’t just a bold claim, but that this change is happening all around us, without many of us knowing. Just as the iPhone changed communications and the TV changed media, the latest tech is changing how cops, soldiers, courts, and many others do their work. Drawing on the latest creations in advanced weaponry, biotechnology, and AI, he’ll demonstrate how premeditated violence might soon be something we look at the way we look at the horse-and-buggy.

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