“Making Great Work” is Never Enough

“Making Great Work” is Never Enough
Recording: “Making Great Work” is Never Enough, Mar 10, 2019


Emily Goldhill


So what an earth is your agency’s purpose?
From PepsiGate to Blood Normal and #isitokforguys. Love it or hate it, the idea of brand purpose and ‘purpose campaigns’ is here to stay. But while it’s become little more than a buzzword we use for clients, no one really talks about purpose when it comes to agencies themselves.
‘Making great work’ may have justified starting a shop in the past, but in the era of the in-house creative and the professional freelancer, how do you persuade the talent of the future to join you? Or clients to buy you? And maybe even... do something worthwhile with your job?
This session argues that the agency of the future needs a clearly defined purpose in order to thrive, and then shows you how to do it with case studies and cautionary tales alike.

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