“Getting the Shot” for HBO’s Insecure

“Getting the Shot” for HBO’s Insecure
Recording: “Getting the Shot” for HBO’s Insecure, Mar 10, 2019


Ava Berkofsky

Dive into the photography of the hit television episodic series “Insecure”. How was it shot? Learn how Ava, the primary cinematographer, came up with the look of show and is able to maintain the same tone through multiple seasons. Find out which camera, lenses and accessories she employed to serve the story.
Questions we will explore:
What does the cinematographer plan for and how do they establish the look? Is the director, production designer or others involved? When does camera and lens choice become important? Do you conduct camera tests before shooting the pilot? What lenses did you use for this show? How did your choice of lenses help your photography? What characteristics do you look for in a lens set? How does the lighting interact with the camera?

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