Can You Engineer (Sexual) Pleasure?

Can You Engineer (Sexual) Pleasure?


Lora Haddock

Lora DiCarlo

Liz Klinger


Diana Verdugo


Over the course of the past 3 years, we've seen news story after news story about the proliferation of "sex robots" - seemingly primed to take over our world.
But is that what we actually want? More specifically, is that what vulva-owners want?
There's traditionally been a dearth of research that goes into taking sexuality seriously - into truly acknowledging not only body parts, but the importance of human relations. While sex robots may be appealing to some, our research and observations find that they're not for most.
So what is the future of sexuality when it comes to technology? How do we continue to thoughtfully innovate and at the same time enhance intimacy rather than exacerbate the existing isolation that technology can cause?

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