A Robin Hood Regulation to Free Us From Big Tech

Recording: A Robin Hood Regulation to Free Us From Big Tech, Mar 8, 2019


Sébastien Soriano


Internet is a great invention giving power to the ends. But big players try to lock us into their ecosystems. Fortunately, Europe has anticipated some of these threats by adopting regulations on net neutrality and personal data. We must now prepare for the next battle: the one of the rising control of devices over the internet and our freedom.
Because of many unfair restrictions existing on our devices and app stores, by choosing our device, we merely choose the fishtank we want to live in. Soon, voice assistant will make life so comfortable that we will let them choose for us. So, how to take back control while not impeding innovation?
Arcep, the French telecom regulator, has made proposals, including turning itself into an "Architect of choice" (C. Sunstein & R. Thaler, Nudge).

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