The Texas Two-Stop: Music Licensing Made Easy

Recording: The Texas Two-Stop: Music Licensing Made Easy, Mar 12, 2019

Music Licensing is the last creative input to a film and when you have exhausted your budget, how do you still get quality music into the movie? Where should you NOT spend money for music licenses (like background "cars and bars" songs, do you really need a hit song there?) There are two licenses needed for song clearances, one for the the master recording and one for the underlying song composition. We can explain also what a cue sheet is and hand out a template for you to use, and we explain what BMI, ASCAP and SESAC are. Streaming services can also be used to promote your soundtrack. Get the musical acts whose songs you use to help promote the film! What the composer's score soundtrack to a indie film actually worth? What is a step-deal and are "festival rights" a good idea?

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