The Silent Loneliness Epidemic: Designing Solutions

Recording: The Silent Loneliness Epidemic: Designing Solutions, Mar 13, 2019


We appear more connected than ever, constantly surrounded by people and “likes.” Why, then, does loneliness appear to be on the rise? Beyond the university studies (e.g., UPenn) that draw a causal link between social media and depression, is there more to the story? Are we treating symptoms instead of causes? This session will explore practical tools and routines for overcoming and staving off loneliness, including topics such as how to treat the true seeds and causes of loneliness instead of the symptoms. The presentation will also address how a feeling of connection isn’t created by the things we go get; it’s created by the things we go back to. Finally, we will discuss habits you can begin practicing today to improve your intimate relationships, including that with yourself

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