ENCORE: Beating the Hype of AI in Healthcare

Recording: ENCORE: Beating the Hype of AI in Healthcare, Mar 10, 2019


If headlines are to be believed, the coming of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is either non-existent hype or will be so disruptive that it will destroy healthcare as we know it. Our session aims to dispel common myths of over- and under-hyped AI predictions by offering two examples of startups who have developed healthcare applications of AI. IDx, the first company to obtain FDA clearance for an autonomous AI-based diagnostic, and 3Derm, a company navigating these regulatory waters, will teach the audience how to bring an algorithm out of the lab and into the marketplace without cutting corners or breaking the bank. Content will cover how to spot appropriate healthcare applications for AI, considerations to minimize algorithmic bias, and the future landscape of diagnostics.

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