Inner Wellbeing: 3 Rituals for Everyday Upliftment

Recording: Inner Wellbeing: 3 Rituals for Everyday Upliftment, Mar 12, 2019


In a world of burnout culture and digital chaos, one thing remains: the power of deep, spiritual connection to cut through the noise and ground us in clarity, purpose and love.
Deep, spiritual connection — to each other and to the Divine, aka Source, aka All That Is — isn’t “owned” by any particular faith. And it doesn’t have a financial cost. But it does take practice. It takes time. It takes a willingness to operate your life in a counterculture way: to be a spiritual contrarian, if you will.
On the other hand, the rewards of spiritual practice are delightful: freedom, growth and joy. The ability to trade fear and doubt for confidence. The ability to trigger creative flow and take intellectual risks on demand. These rewards show up in every area of our lives: health, wealth, wisdom and, especially self-expression.
Inner Wellbeing is what Tara-Nicholle Nelson calls the upgraded, uplifted thoughts, emotions, actions and inner narratives that change our outer lives. In this session, she’ll share the proven spiritual and practical frameworks, practices and rituals she’s now taught to over 12,000 people, helping them level up their lives and bring 100% of themselves to the world.

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