How to Become a “Corprapreneur”

Recording: How to Become a “Corprapreneur”, Mar 11, 2019


David Chen

GTIF Capital

Being an entrepreneur can be hard and scary at times, however it can be one of the most rewarding experiences when you make it. There is no security or guarantee of a paycheck. You sacrifice your sanity and money, just hoping you’ll make it. There is no better feeling than closing a deal knowing you fostered a good business relationship for future endeavors. Being a corporate associate may give you security and benefits, but there are always politics involved and many limitations. You might feel as if you are a puppet, doing what you are told by higher ups with a smile on your face because you want that big promotion. Understanding both the corporate and private side of business is very important to be successful. Learn how to become a “Corprapreneur,”. You can rely on your steady paycheck and work benefits from your day job, but in your spare time you can work towards your dreams. Learn how to take the initial steps of becoming your own boss and still keeping those corporate perks. Becoming a “Corprapreneur” is not easy but it’s the best way to get started and succeed with your new business venture.

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