Don’t Mess With Texas: Cyber Attackers Beware!

Recording: Don’t Mess With Texas: Cyber Attackers Beware!, Mar 11, 2019


Patricia Baumhart

Dave Sikora


We are under attack. No company is secure. Even the integrity of our country’s electoral process is at risk. Data breaches are in the news almost daily, impacting millions of consumers and costing companies millions of dollars. Computer technologies have advanced at a rapid pace, rendering commonly used approaches to cybersecurity obsolete. Radical new technologies like quantum computing will bring equally radical challenges to cybersecurity. This makes protecting crucial systems a daunting task at a time when there is a shortage of talent in the field. Who will we rely on for the next wave of cybersecurity protections? Are startups in the best position to adapt to these rapid developments? We’ll talk with three entrepreneurs from right here in Austin on this topic.

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