Urban Aerial Mobility: Closer Than You Think

Recording: Urban Aerial Mobility: Closer Than You Think, Mar 10, 2019

The economics of aerospace are changing with entrepreneurs leading the charge in new products including eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing). Notably, there are nearly 50 'flying car' companies in the world today, some of which have secured hundreds of millions in funding. Even Uber's foray with Elevate and NASA's plans for a Grand Challenge have opened the door for pioneers to accelerator the adoption of urban aerial mobility. Companies like Boeing have acquired Aurora Flight Sciences and investing in many more! Who are these champions and how soon before the public can fly in an electric heli-car?

Takeaways for this session include: raising awareness in safety of flight and autonomy, public mindset vs real; how real and how soon before we see urban aerial mobility in our skies; and lastly, who are the champions and how can you get involved.

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