A Global Tour of Disinformation On Social Media

Recording: A Global Tour of Disinformation On Social Media, Mar 9, 2019


John Kelly


As part of their manipulation of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Russian trolls studied the political thriller series House of Cards for insight into the psyche of the American public and the machinations of DC politicians. This cadre of state-sponsored trolls, officially named “The Internet Research Agency,” worked tirelessly for over a decade to embed themselves in the U.S. online community -- in pockets of social media where their manufactured opinions and fake news allowed them to influence citizens to be more polarized and even to take to the streets in manufactured protest. But the trolls aren’t just in Russia -- there are disinformation campaigns across the globe, from India and Ecuador, to Mexico and France. In this session, Camille Francois, Chief Innovation Officer at Graphika, will walk through what a modern disinformation campaign looks like, who the players are in global disinformation, and the tactics they use to manipulate information online and foment unrest among an unwitting public.

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