Grit, Reinvention, and Pivoting for Success

Grit, Reinvention, and Pivoting for Success
Recording: Grit, Reinvention, and Pivoting for Success, Mar 9, 2019


Ann Hiatt has worked as the right hand for some of the most powerful CEOs in the world with 15 years experience as the Executive Business Partner to Jeff Bezos at Amazon and Eric Schmidt at Google. She has witnessed what it takes to endure the relentless process of learning, pivoting and surviving while under extreme scrutiny. In this talk you will learn the keys for success through grit, reinvention and pivoting at the right times.

The "celebrity CEO" trend has set a daunting spotlight for executives at all levels where it feels like everyone is watching your every move and not allowing for iterative learning or experimentation. We all need to develop agile strategies, push through unexpected pain points and continue to learn and grow personally while maintaining authority. This talk will explore the many ways in which you can use that spotlight to empower both you and your workforce to think creatively and get results. We can avoid perfectionist paralysis through rewarding growth and learning more than solely performance-based metrics.

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