Featured Session: Brian Solis


In his 2018 SXSW presentation, Brian Solis cast a light on the dark side of digital devices and social media. He explored their impact on day-to-day life, how we learn and work, how we think, how we communicate and also, and the unforeseen, and widespread consequences of technology's impact.

Following his talk, he too found his work affected by his day-to-day digital routines. He set out to solve his problem and share his findings with all of those struggling with digital distractions. The result is his new book, debuting at SXSW, "Lifescale: How to live a more creative, productive and happy life."

In this talk, he will open life and the lives of those he studied to see the full impact of the diversions we don't think twice about today. He'll also share his Lifescale approach to breaking-free from distractions, increasing focus and productivity, sparking meaningful creativity and unlocking new possibilities.

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