The Future is Functional, Nootropics In Your Daily Life


Joakim Stuart


Sarah Wong


Many of the present energy-providing drink products and supplements focus mainly on high caffeine levels to provide the consumer with a boost of energy. There are many known upsides, but also downsides.
It’s not news that caffeine has side effects. Caffeine initially stimulates your body to produce more adrenaline and dopamine than usual, two substances in your body that contribute to energy and a positive mood; when these chemicals begin to drop again, you can experience fading energy and a drop in mood, also known as the crash-and-burn effect. We ask ourselves how this affects people when confronted with mentally challenging problems?
We believe in using supplements that contributes to a more steady stream of energy and long-term build-up to avoid crash-and-burn effect. 

Consumers today are increasingly more aware and knowledgeable of supplements and nutrition. More conscious about what they consume and how those products affect their body and performance.There are many different supplements that affects the human body, both physically and psychologically. We would like to address some of them, more specifically: nootropic ingredients. Nootropics is an umbrella term for cognitive enhancers that e.g. increase focus, memory or other mental aspects.
We believe that  the decrease in growth of the energy drinks market is partially related to the growing health trend. Nootropics has had an annual market growth of 20%, but we think that this trend is only starting. 

How can these ingredients help todays consumers and their behaviour in both productivity but also, wellbeing?
What is even more important, how do we address the consumers long-term energy requirements and building up the “right” type of energy? Instead of focusing on reactionary behaviour, we’d like to speak about the benefits of planned consumption. 

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