Irrational Loyalty. Branding to Win in a “Brand” New World

Why do some brand-customer relationships endure, and others don't? In human relationships, there are scientific reasons why relationships go south when one of the partners trades the rose colored glasses in for sweatpants. The same is true for brands. Deb Gabor shares highlights from her new book: IRRATIONAL LOYALTY. BUILDING A BRAND THAT THRIVES IN TURBULENT TIMES, examining:

· How the practices of branding and marketing changed forever with the 2016 election and Trump’s current presidency
· Why every brand needs to “show up” with a set of values and beliefs to attract their “ideal” customers
· Where good branding intentions can go off the rails
· How brands can create a solid foundation that equips them to endure every kind of brand crisis they could imagine, and even the ones they can’t (think Papa John’s and its founder, John Schnatter)
· Why some brands can not only endure – but create – controversy and use it to their advantage (Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Starbucks.)
Using ripped-from-the-headlines examples, Deb Gabor delves into why the most authentic brands with the strongest core brand DNA can weather even the most tumultuous relationships with their customers … and why some are doomed to always struggle.

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