Disrupting Gender Norms: Authenticity in Advertising

Recording: Disrupting Gender Norms: Authenticity in Advertising, Mar 12, 2019


Professional photographer and author of Strong is the New Pretty and the upcoming The Heart of a Boy, Kate T Parker’s work has focused on how to positively redefine what it means to be a boy or a girl, flipping the traditional notions and challenging long held perceptions. Through her photography, Parker aims to inspire both boys and girls to be their best selves - to challenge and test their limits, to nurture their curiosity and intellect, to find strength in being creative and kind, and to accept the multitudes contained within themselves. It is this perspective that Parker brings to her work with brands, such as American Express, REI, Disney and Athleta, as she helps them find an authentic, unexpected, and disruptive vision that will resonate with consumers by challenging their expectations of what it means to be masculine and feminine in today's world.

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