Badging, Biometrics and “Butts in Seats”: The Shifting Tides of Workplace Data

Recording: Badging, Biometrics and “Butts in Seats”: The Shifting Tides of Workplace Data, Mar 12, 2019


Sid Bhatia


Tanya Khaiyanun


Real estate strategy in the 20th century was all about, “Location, location, location.” There was a delineation between work and home as tech was inflexible (some will remember heavy desktop computers, rigid local networks, and strict security limitations), and where you worked was defined by your office-site, cubicle, walls and doors.
Today, we are “always on”, “always moving,” and our spaces move beyond “location” to accommodate a variety of work modes and continual collaboration. Workers want to work how, when, and where they want -- without disruption in experience.
So what are the standards in this new working environment, and what will they be in the future? How can companies use workplace data to exceed worker expectations and create environments where workers thrive and engage?
We’ll explore these questions from the perspective of data and technology. How can existing technologies (like badges and WiFi hotspots) give you data to better understand how your space is being used today? How can IoT sensors be used to give fresh insights? And how should we contend with more advanced technologies like biometrics that provide rich data, yet erode personal privacy?

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