The Snap House - Hotdogs and Dog Faces: How Meme Culture Made AR a Worldwide Staple

The Snap House

The role of internet culture in spreading and popularizing augmented reality content.

“Augmented Reality” has existed as an idea for decades, but repeatedly failed to gain traction with consumers — until a dog face appeared in Snapchat.

Many had assumed that the popularization of AR would be driven by utility and gaming, but who knew that it would be the intersection of selfie culture, meme obsession, and visual media that would end up propelling AR into the pockets of hundreds of millions around the world? We’ve learned that the mass uptake of AR products is dependent upon something universal — the desire for personal expression.

In this panel, we will speak with viral content creators who are using Snapchat’s Lens Studio to expand the reach of their content by embracing “participatory media.” Interviewed by Snap Inc.’s Amelia Hall, Official Lens Creators Jinnie the Wew and Sophia Dominguez from SVRF will team up with meme commentator Ka5sh to discuss why Snapchat Lenses are a tool for audience engagement. This panel will explore how Lens Studio is empowering creators around the world to share their vision, discuss several examples that bring this to life, and speculate on what the future holds for this new moment in viral AR.


Moderator: Amelia Hall, Brand Manager, Snap Lens Studio


Jinnie the Wew

Sophia Dominguez from SVRF


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