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Ganju Gok

"A direct opposition to the established formula of making music in South Korea" - Billboard

"Most of the South Korean music that reaches the West has been determinedly poppy, perfectly groomed and eager to please. The hip-hop duo XXX has other, far more confrontational plans" - The New York Times

"XXX take cues from their own culture and mash them up with weirder found sounds, proving that Korean rap can innovate, not just replicate" - Pitchfork

South Korea's groundbreaking producer/rapper duo XXX recently released 'Second Language', the direct follow-up album to their innovative debut Language, and the second half of the duo's two-disk double album. The new album builds on the statement of sonic dissonance from mainstream Korean music that bilingual rapper Kim Ximya and producer FRNK made with their debut. The duo channel their anger and discontent with the preconceived formula of Korean pop hits into dense new layers of hip hop and instrumentation. With their new album, XXX aims to push the envelope even further as the torchbearers for this new direction of Korean hip-hop.

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From: Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
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